Gamadaric, Lda.

Gamadaric, Lda is a metallurgical company who has been producing small and medium stamping and welding parts for the market since 2005. Gamadaric was created to meet the needs of FJG Moldes, Lda. costumers. FJG Moldes is the first company of the group and has started the ac vity in 1998, dedicated to the manufacture and maintenance of simple and progressive tools. With 11 years partnership, both companies can offer a complete service for concep on/design tools to stamping metal parts.

Gamadaric works in a space of around 2300 square meters of covered area and has advanced resources of produc on, which makes a company prepared to provide a wide range of products. The current covered area allows not only to get a good storage capacity, but it also enables significant quan es of intermediate products, which is going to simplify the manufacturing process in order to be ready as soon as possible and at a lower cost. Over the years, Gamadaric has presented a posi ve evolu on of the results, due to the quality, responsibility and transparency, which are the basic principles of our work.

In 2015, Gamadaric celebrated its 10th birthday and was also the year where the company was cer ficated by ISO 9001, thereby enhancing the concern to improve the internal organiza on and the quality of products and services. One example of the Gamadaric evolu on is the current process of increasing facili es and acquisi on of new produc on equipment. When we finish the factory’s increase, which is scheduled to 2018/9, our space will have around 7300 square meters of covered area.